Polestar 1 review - is it really worth £140K?

Publisert 19. feb.. 2021
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This is the Polestar 1!
It’s been a long-time coming, but Mat’s finally got his hands on the first car produced by Volvo’s performance division since they've gone it alone!
When it comes to the looks, there’s no denying that the Polestar 1 is a gorgeous set of wheels. Not only that, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment if you invest in one of these, as it’s a plug-in hybrid that can drive for 77 miles on electric power alone - the most of any PHEV available today!
But just because it’s a hybrid doesn’t mean it’s down on power, as under the bonnet you’ll find a 2-litre supercharged engine which, along with two electric motors, can deliver 609hp and an amazing 1000Nm!
Sadly, there’s one downside… It costs £139,000!!! So, is it worth it? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:43 Price
01:34 Exterior Design
03:04 Interior
04:30 Practicality
05:03 Infotainment
05:53 Back Seats
07:13 Boot
08:28 Five Annoying Features
10:28 Five Good Features
12:16 Engines & Hybrid Tech
13:38 0 - 60mph
14:46 Drifting
16:50 Everyday Driving
19:52 Twisty Road Driving
22:22 Verdict
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  • If you could, would you really spend £140k on a Polestar 1?! If not, what would you buy instead? Let us know BELOW!

  • It's name sounds like "Porn Star", so it's a No. Then and more worse, its made in China, the biggest NO to this car

  • They are gonna sanitise the car properly after watching this review because of highly awkward expressions from mat 😂😂😂

  • I thought it was a volvo wtf 😳

  • This car reminds of the Audi A5 3DR

  • As a diehard volvo/polestar fan I have to say this car is not up to it's best. Way too overpriced for what you get. No launch control. Can't even drift. I mean I would rather buy an m5 competition for half the price and get 100x better performance out of it. Sorry but it's not worth it. The polestar 2 however seems to be much better.

  • What are those 😂😂😂😂😂

  • On the timing gear it said sub 11 quarter mile. Was that from this car or the last tested?

  • Imagine a GT that’s even more economical, handles and drives way better, is more practical, more luxurious, is from an infinitely more reputable and special brand and is half the price of this. It’s called a Porsche Taycan. Half price. You can drive away in a brand new Taycan and $80k left over or part with all that money to drive a lesser car just to be one of 1500 possible oafs who would rather be an exclusive member of a club that sounds a lot like porn star that is a sub brand of another that sounds like vulva.

  • What if I told you the value of *ANY* of this car's competitors is absolutely terrible. If you're concerned about value, get something like a Mercedes Coupe, or even an 8 series.

  • If I were looking for luxury I would get a E Class coupe over a Bentley, but the Bentley just has a level of exclusivity that's very alluring. And for the same reason one would get a Bentley over an E Class, I would get *this* over a Bentley. This looks massively better imo ( I know I just triggered some sensitive people lol) and is something you don't ever see on the road.

  • mats low key tryna flex the jacket, i see you boi

  • Nobody 9:14 me and da bois going to school

  • Need for speed H E A T

    • As beautiful as it is 140k 🤮. I'd sooner spend the money on model s plaid+ if I wanted modern tech and speed or for design a Vantage

  • thx for the honesty, matt !

    • Hi smoke grass 😂🙈💪🙂😎

  • More like a star on parole. Reminiscent of a washed up Lyndsay Lohan.

  • Omg this is f..... art im in love ❤️

  • I think it's nice! But for that price you got options. If it was cheaper it would be better then more expensive choices (If that makes sence) but if you put it together with cars in the same price range it just don't add up. Sorry my bad English! I'm from Norway. Thanks for the video!

  • Turned this off halfway through because of all the adverts

  • In terms of price, it is too expensive. Driving characteristics are the crap. Appearance is good. By the way you forgot to say about the side mirrors. 🤪 They're cool. They are the most I liked about this car.

  • 140K of actual real money for this?! 😲 Whoever made this price up needs to low down mushroom consumption.


  • i am actually watching my videos in portrait mode

    • This car has some weird design going on amd the backseat is compromized by the class roof. I dont think this car will be a huge success. Its like the designers couldnt deci

  • Bowers and Wilkins ? yeah, sounds goo...no ! BANG & OLUFSEN

  • Another car for the mid-class 😛

  • This car is appalling it just looks good.

  • They are gonna sanitise the car properly after watching this review because of highly awkward expressions from mat 😂😂😂

  • Mat looks like a child in that car, the dash is so high

  • Hi smoke grass 😂🙈💪🙂😎

  • As beautiful as it is 140k 🤮. I'd sooner spend the money on model s plaid+ if I wanted modern tech and speed or for design a Vantage

    • The rims look really cool, when they skip in the snow

  • It’s a beautiful looking car. Nice proportions and finish. At least from video perspective.

  • In Volvos and Ford’s of old there was a sequence you could press to full disable the ESP

  • Ha ha. 140k? What a pile of shite.

  • You must be joking to pay £140k for this car.

  • Axle tramp on a £140k car?! Nice wing mirrors though.

  • Panel Gaps! (sort of) in the Tesla and some over cars the hidden door handle is just the handle so there is only 1 outline (the handle). Why does Polstar have a hidden door handle inside of a fitted door handle?? What I'm saying is; there is a door handle cut out for the door handle cut out for the hidden door handle. Not a smooth finish really....

  • I like volvo but Tesla is more better.

  • What about the Polstar 2?? They're pushing that model right now, so shouldn't you review that one??

  • This car has some weird design going on amd the backseat is compromized by the class roof. I dont think this car will be a huge success. Its like the designers couldnt decide if they wanted to make a sporty looking car or a luxurycar and ended up doing a bit of both. Seriously those chrome trims in the windows and that little spoilerflap in the back. The front mask could be from a kia its so ugly. Id rather buy a regular T8 volvo. Or a polestar S60. Im not even going to mention the price.

  • gordon murray lern you nothing volvo...ljght cars plz.

  • Dafuq is wrong with them? 140k?? "How to ruin yourself..." We got about 400-500 brand new Bently Continentals on german streets, every year... But only 24 Polestar 1's yet...

  • It appears this car is only expensive battery on wheels, though good looking.

  • is volvo: that equals boring and kinda gay..

  • The rims look really cool, when they skip in the snow

    • 2 of the same ads in first 2min, fuckin christ.

  • The car is beautiful it is and i could have ignored everythng else i dont like including the price but 600hp-1000nm and all they could get out of it was 4.2seconds 0-60? Really?

  • Me : Im going to buy a Polestar 1. The World : Why? Me : I wanna be the only one who drives it coz no one is ever gonna buy it. The world : 🤔

  • Its a S90 with 2 doors, a battery and 2l petrol engine. Save your money for an Audi etron GT RS...👍

  • No

  • The pause....star

  • What is this price? Joke??

  • Wooof.. That price and all those basic features against the standard set by Tesla.. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.. 😖

  • Its definitely not worth that much money

  • The gear shifter is crystal

  • I LOVE PORSCHE ... although Yanni sold his one after two months

  • Design is great, prince not so much!

  • Why I find it the replica of Volvo s90 🤔

  • The rims look really cool, when they skip in the snow

  • seems an overly complicated drivetrain... the audi and BMW hybrid systems (whilst range is not great in Audi) is seamless. for the price, this car makes little sense.

  • Drive a Polestar! Designed by chinese strippers!

    • They were smoking crack when they priced that car...

  • I've seen a surprising amount of these Polestars on the road here in southern Sweden so apparently someone's buying them

  • 2 of the same ads in first 2min, fuckin christ.

  • S90 COUPE

  • Totally agree. They should have made this to a Volvo with their normal drivetrains to a reasonable price.

  • Mat is trying his hardest to find positive things about the car ooo man

  • donuts in a Volvo? yeah right

  • Volvo replica

  • Overpriced...even for half of the price tag, nice lookin interior however for that amount of money I'd rather get 911.

  • This is random but when Matt was talking bout the boot he reminded me of lester from gta 😭 the instant hype

  • As a Swede I offer Volvo (Polstar) a fair price for it, 30k it's not negotiable.

  • the back is my favourite part haha, love the look of this car

  • A lot of money for a Volvo C70 😂

  • Disappointing complicated over priced mess. Good job reviewing though!

  • Assume that head of development @ Polestar is facing challenging times....

  • They were smoking crack when they priced that car...

  • This video was sponsored by Volkswagen Audi Group (as are all CarWow videos)

  • These videos are becoming less and less credible. Unsubscribed

  • Adding this car to my list 🔥😫

  • if i would have the money for a 140k car i would not buy a volvo.. good lord. nice design tho but not for that price not in a million years.

  • Another useless electric car. It does not matter that it costs a lot and space in the back is non-existent, and so is boot space. It is modern and electric, so it must be good - let's run and buy one.

  • I like it. But it is no where near 140,000 pounds in value.. That interior looks like it could be in a 40,000 dollar mid size demi-luxury car.

  • By the way you forgot to mention it is 100% Chinese😋

  • I assume they are only making 1500 because they estimate demand for them will be low, due to the ridiculous price and poor practicality. I mean it's basically a Volvo S90 with a small boot!

  • It's done by China? Yuck, they can keep their covid car.

  • Not knocking it, but those cables in the back make it look more like a surge protector.

  • 8:35 i too buy cars for the keys....not the car just the keys.

  • Conclusion- basically its a pile of sh*t 😅

  • pls. AUDI e-tron GT

  • His excitement about the electric cables😂

  • a trending ad?

  • Honesty and humor... the main reason Matt is #1 in his craft 🤓

  • I like your booths??

  • I guess it’s not made for a snow covered UK. nolong.info/show/ebGThJajgcN2n58/video.html

  • dont think ive ever said this about any car.... what a pile of $h!te for the money.....

  • I’m a fangirl of Volvo but even I can’t defend this, the pricing is all sorts of wrong.

    • What's so right about the Bentley's pricing though? The amount of cars offering better performance at the cost of status is immense.

    • polestar s60 way better and cheaper. idk how they went so backwards

  • When people complain about the price of the Volvo Polestar 1 Meanwhile Aston Martin DBS Superleggera $307,820. laughing spanish guy

    • \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC AMG Line Mercedes-AMG GT 4‑Door Coupé Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Mercedes-AMG S‑Class Coupé

  • 6:47 *Baby's got back*

  • Mat is not afraid to criticize cars

  • 3:58 I've never thought of tugging the middle section... as my mum says.

  • I didn't like this car at all. This is an overpriced car that's all if someone is going to buy a GT car then he should buy Bentley Continental GT or Aston Martin DB9 and if not GT then you can have that amazing Porsche 911 Turbo S one of my favourite sports car.

  • Officially this car is stopped being produced